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speak method

Grammar for Speaking and Writing
speak method

Learn conversational and written grammar.

* All English classes are available online with skype video or in-person for Seattle residents.

Erica   Learn practical English grammar to communicate effectively.

You probably studied English grammar for years. And yet it can be difficult to speak with the right verb tenses, prepositions, or articles.

Classes are customized for each student.

1. We begin by discussing your goals. Do you want to review verb tenses, prepositions, or articles? The articles are a, an and the
2. If you are not sure, we can do a spoken or written evaluation.
3. Based on your goals, we study one subject at a time. We use an online course for the verb tenses. For prepositions or articles, we use books available at amazon.com.

By using grammar rules in sentences related to your life, you can master the essential patterns of English.

Premium English ClassesBuy a package of 1 - 18 hours.
Enjoy flexible scheduling and customized training.
Basic English ClassesBuy a pay-by-month package.
Take a pre-planned 3 or 6 month course.
Group OptionsTake classes with a friend or group.
Pay a reduced rate per person.
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