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Speak Clearly: Study Pronunciation
speak method
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* All English classes are available online with skype video or in-person for Seattle residents.

Learn the Pronunciation Patterns of Standard American English

If you studied English in your country, you probably learned your local dialect, British English, or a combination of both.

This is the method we use to develop your American pronunciation skills.

A. We identify important sounds with a pronunciation evaluation.
B. You choose your first goal: understand rules, neutralize your accent, or sound like a native speaker.
C. We study pronunciation sounds in order of importance.
D. We always include stress practice. We practice words arranged by syllables stress. We also practice sentences to improve intonation, the rhythm of speech.

* All students receive an online pronunciation course that we use during lessons. You can also use this course to practice every day.

Why This Method: By learning important sounds first, you will improve your pronunciation efficiently. After the most important sounds are studied, we may continue with other sounds to develop advanced pronunciation skills.

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