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speak method

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750 Business Words

Professional English Classes in Redmond
Fall to Winter Schedule 2017-2018

Location: The Lucky Pen, 
8275 166th Ave NE, Suite 202, Redmond, WA
Class Times: Wednesday Evenings from 7:00 to 9:00pm

September 20th - October 25th
English Grammar: Verb Tenses and Articles (A, An, The)

November 1st - December 13th
American English Pronunciation Training

January 10th - February 28th
Business Communication Strategies

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About the Instructor
In 1998, I began my career after achieving my B.A. and Master's degrees in English. During my early years, I taught beginning to intermediate English skills including everyday conversations, basic writing and vocabulary building. About ten years ago, I began to focus on the needs of international professionals. My students have gained employment at major companies, achieved promotions to management and executive positions, passed the TOEFL test and passed the USMLE interview.