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Speak clearly and with confidence.

750 Business Words

Business Communication Class

Location: The Lucky Pen, 
8275 166th Ave NE, Suite 202, Redmond, WA
Class Times: Wednesday Evenings from 7:00 to 8:30pm
Class Dates in 2018: 1/10, 1/17, 1/31, 2/7, 2/28 and 3/7
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Improve your ability to communicate at work in both speaking and writing.
This class covers these topics:

* Using Effective Vocabulary
* Clearly Communicating Ideas
* Organizing Content for your Audience
* Choosing your Body Language
* Listening Deeply for Understanding
* Responding to Questions
* Delivering and Receiving Feedback

* Create powerful self or business introduction
* Communicate with fewer misunderstandings
* Convey ideas with more simplicity and clarity
* Increase teamwork efficiency
* Respond well in difficult situations

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About the Instructor
In 1998, I began my career after achieving my B.A. and Master's degrees in English. During my early years, I taught beginning to intermediate English skills including everyday conversations, basic writing and vocabulary building. About ten years ago, I began to focus on the needs of international professionals. My students have gained employment at major companies, achieved promotions to management and executive positions, passed the TOEFL test and passed the USMLE interview.



Thank you, Erica!
Classes was great and I learn a lot!
Special thank you for the idioms- I recognized some of them in the movie yesterday and was very proud of myself!  --MS

Thank you for your mail and for your lesson, I really liked it!

It was very useful and helpful for my English! --EV

Thank you very much for the class. I got a lot of new things and a lot of things to think about.  --PK