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Speak clearly and with confidence.

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New! Basic English Speaking Classes in Redmond

Location: The Lucky Pen, 
8275 166th Ave NE, Suite 202, Redmond, WA
Class Times
Low Beginning: Wednesdays from 10:30am to 12:00pm
High Beginning-Intermediate: Fridays from 12:00pm to 1:30pm

Classes have just started. You can still join the classes.

The Goal:
Feel comfortable speaking English!

Every class covers these basic subjects:
* Everyday speaking practice
* Word order in sentences
* Using pronouns correctly
* Pronunciation

Be sure to have speaking time. We have small classes, about 3-6 students.
Get weekly drills on word order. Repetition is great in language learning!
Gain comfort with the simple things, like pronouns. This will increase your confidence.
Improve with weekly homework. Get feedback on your writing and speaking.

Schedule a Free Consultation to learn more.

Buying Your English Classes
Before your first class, pay by cash or check at The Lucky Pen or use the credit card buttons below.
One class (1.5 hrs): $25
One Month, four 1.5 hour classes, 6 hours: $70
Two Months, a total of eight 1.5 hour classes, 12 hours: $110
Season Pass, attend once a week through the season, 21 hours: $145
Winter-Spring Season = every week until May 4th, except three weeks of vacation time

Compare $$ and Pay Online
Prices go down a lot when you buy more classes.
We want you to take more classes and make progress!
* Remember that you can also pay with cash or check at The Lucky Pen.

ClassesTotal CostPrice of 1.5 hour classMoney You SaveBuy Online Here
1 Class$25$25---
One Month, 4 Classes$70$17.50$30 less than 1 hour option
Two Months, 8 Classes$110$13.75$30 less than 1 month option
Season Pass
*Best Deal*
$145$10.35$47 less than 2 month option

Terms of Payment

* Your payment guarantees your place in the class. We limit the class size to 6. When we reach 6 students, we offer an additional class.
* Please attend classes regularly. If you miss a class, you can still submit homework by email and receive feedback.
* We cannot offer refunds. However, students can exchange the course fee for a lesser amount of private lessons or join later classes.

About the Instructor
In 1998, I began my career after achieving my B.A. and Master's degrees in English. For about twenty years, I have taught beginning to intermediate English skills including everyday conversations, basic writing and vocabulary building. I have helped thousands of students from around the world to express themselves in English.