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speak method

Vocabulary and Idioms
speak method

Increase your fluency with new vobulary and idioms.

* All English classes are available online with skype video or in-person for Seattle residents.

Vocabulary Classes

If you would like to improve your vocabulary, try this conversational approach.

1. Use an online course to study about 10 words per week.
2. During class, answer conversation questions using these words.
3. Get tips on pronunciation and grammar at the end of each lesson.
4. If you want to practice writing as well, get a writing assignment each week. Use part of the next lesson time to get tips on your writing.

* The vocabulary is advanced, yet practical. The conversation questions show when you can use these words in everyday life. *

Why This Method: The best way to remember vocabulary is to apply it to your own experiences. These classes are great for vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar. Many students combine vocabulary with other subjects. For example, you can study 5 words per week while also studying pronunciation rules.

Idioms Classes

Idioms are fun expressions used in popular speech. Learning them will help you understand native speakers. If you use the idioms that you like, you will sound more fluent. Idioms classes follow the same format as vocabulary classes: we practice about 10 idioms per week.

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