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Learn pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, or idioms.

English Classes with 4 to 15 Students

English classes are available to organizations, businesses or private schools. Training in pronunciation or grammar can be focused on the needs of one nationality, age group or profession.

* Schedule a consultation to discuss the needs of your group.
* Classes can meet online via skype or in-person for Seattle residents.
* Classes include one or more online English courses.
* Each group will receive a unique course outline to match the training needs.
* There is no extra cost for the course outline or preparation time unless the organization requests specialized instruction.

HoursPer Hour RateSuggested ClassesTotal Cost 
1 hour$125/hour1 Day Training$125
4 hours *$115/hour1 or 2 Day Training$460
8 hours$100/hourWeekly meeting of 2 hours$800
12 hours$90/hourWeekly meetings of 1.5 to 2 hours$1,080
18 hours$80/hourMore than one group class$1,440

Buy Your Classes

Please choose the package with your friend. Then each of you can use the link below to buy it.

Hourly PackageOnline Payment
1 hour
4 hours
8 hours
12 hours
18 hours

* Please note: there are no refunds on paid-in-advance classes. Schedule a consultation if you need discuss your class options. Thanks!

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