speak method

Advance your English speaking skills with our enjoyable and effective METHOD.

Free Consultation

About 10 Minutes
Discuss your goals.
Do you want to study
or do you have
a particular interest
related to work or
home life?


15 Minutes

Get an analysis
of your speech.
For pronunciation,
learn which sounds
to improve
and get target words.
For grammar, learn
which mistakes happen
most often
in your speech and
how you can fix them.

Take English Classes

25 Minute
50 Minute Classes
each week
for about
2 months

Discuss the English rules
you need to understand.
Practice reading
and speaking.
Get professional feedback.
Use your online course
to practice on your own
between classes.

Progress Check*

15 Minutes

Get an analysis
of your progress.
If you study pronunciation,
find out how many
target words
you pronounce correctly.
For grammar,
how many sentences
you speak correctly.
Get clear feedback
in numbers.
See your results!
* If you are taking classes casually, for example, simple conversation classes, you can opt out of the pre- and post-test time.

Please start with your free consultation.

Choose your English Class Package

All English classes are available online with skype video or in-person for Seattle residents.
Review the prices and buy your package below.

Premium English Classes Take classes once or twice a week with regular progress checks.
English Classes Buy one class to try them out.
Or buy 16 hours and enjoy flexible scheduling.
Referral Program Save money by referring your friends!

Receive professional training to advance your English skills. In 1998, I began my career after achieving my B.A. and Master's degrees in English. During my early years, I taught beginning to intermediate English skills including everyday conversations, basic writing and vocabulary building. About ten years ago, I began to focus on the needs of international professionals. In Seattle, we have a large population of software programmers, IT managers, researchers, and medical practitioners. I was inspired by the challenge of helping these innovative, talented people to discover the next level in their English learning.

My first step is to schedule a consultation with students in order to discuss their goals. After this, I recommend training with one or more of the following online English courses.

750 Business Words Pronunciation course
English Grammar: Speak the Verb Tenses
TOEFL Vocabulary for Speaking: Course 1, Course 2
English Idioms: Course 1, Course 2, Course 3

I have worked with speakers from these languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, French, Tamil, Hindi, Portuguese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Somali, Twi, and more. Additionally, the majority of my students learned British-English in school.