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English Grammar: Speak with the Right Verb Tenses Course


* Over 50 pages of conversational verb practice
Online quizzes: test your understanding
* Popular uses of the tenses--conversation patterns
* Challenge questions for longer speaking or writing practice


* Speak with a wider variety of verb tenses
* Know popular speech patterns--when Americans use the tenses every day
* Understand how different tenses are used together when relating events or telling stories

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Hi, I'm Erica. For years, I have worked with researchers, IT professionals, and medical practitioners. Frequently, students tell me that they do not use a variety of verb tenses when they speak. Of course, they learned grammar when studying English, but speaking in real-life situations can be difficult.

That's why I created this conversational grammar course. You can review the basics on each tense and learn about popular situations when these tenses are useful.


-- This course definitely helps me to review the tenses. I understand them better now. -- JM, a Brazilian student

-- I needed to practice using multiple verb tenses. This course helped a lot! -- XC, a Chinese student

-- I understand the perfect tense much more. I see that it can be used casually. -- KS, a Japanese student

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