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Pronounce the Prefixes Course


30 pages on common prefixes
Over 150 conversation questions 
* Understanding of original meanings of word parts


* This course is designed to follow 750 Business Words
* Now that you know about sounds, learn about pronunciation patterns in prefixes and practice speaking

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prefixes course
Hi, I'm Erica. I have taught standard American English pronunciation for years using the 750 Business Words pronunciation course. This new prefix course helps you to apply pronunciation rules to spelling patterns.

This course emphasizes speaking skills. Practice reading the questions, focusing on pronunciation of the key words. Then consider your answer and speak it carefully with good pronunciation.


-- This course is a great help after the 750 Business Words course. I needed more speaking practice. And I like to know of some spelling rules. -- NP, a Russian student

-- I was able to apply American pronunciation sounds using this course, and also, I learned more! -- AG, a Spanish student