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Study on your own to learn vocabulary and more.

TOEFL Vocabulary for Speaking 2


* 30 Pages on vocabulary words
Over 120 practical conversation questions 
* Increase your vocabulary for everyday speech
* Prepare for the TOEFL exam


* Understand 100 useful vocabulary words
* Apply these words to your own life using practical, conversational questions

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Hi, I'm Erica. It is important to learn vocabulary that you can use. All of the words in this course have appeared on the TOEFL exam, and they are words that Americans use regularly.

The conversation questions help you to apply the words. They also show how Americans use these words in everyday life.


-- This course helped me with my vocabulary. I knew some of the words, but I was not using them often. -- TC, a Chinese student

-- I liked the conversation questions. They showed me how to use these words as Americans do. -- AM, a Spanish student