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750 Business Words Pronunciation Course


* Over 160 videos: listen and repeat
* 23 Lessons on pronunciation sounds including 140 pages
* Over 30 diagrams on pronunciation patterns
* Syllable stress practice with word lists
* Intonation practice with business-related sentences
* Videos showing differences in formal and casual speech


* Understand pronunciation patterns of Standard American English. This is the American version of British RP, the standard dialect made popular by mass media.
* Listen more effectively: hear these sounds when speaking to Americans or watching movies.
* Stress words and pause for enhanced presentation skills.
* Speak with confidence.

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750 Business Words
Hi, I'm Erica. For two years, I kept a record of the words that my professional clients needed to pronounce. Ultimately, I collected these words into a large list and assorted them according to pronunciation sounds. And that was just the beginning ...

Since then, 750 Business Words has been my most popular online course. If you need to understand the pronunciation sounds and stress patterns of standard American English, this course is for you!


-- I find this course quite helpful. I watch the videos over and over again to understand the sounds. -- MB, an Indian student

-- This course has words that are useful in business. It provides many opportunities for practice. -- TMP, a Russian student

--I have reduced my accent with this course! -- HT, a Japanese student

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