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English Idioms Class: 201 - 300

Americans use a lot of idioms!
Improve your listening skills and add some fun phrases to your speech

In this class, you get:

* 5 Lessons with 20 idioms in each lesson
* Definitions and example sentences
* 10 videos to hear the idioms, definitions and examples
* Practice questions to help you use the idioms
* 5 quizzes--1 quiz for each set of 20 idioms
* 1 Final test of all 100 idioms Buy your class here. We will receive confirmation of your payment and send you an email when you can start using the class.
You will have access within 24 hours of your payment time.

If you have any questions, send an email to: admin@speakmethod.com.
Thanks and enjoy learning 100 American English idioms!


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Idioms Class

  English Idioms:
101 - 200
3 Month

Access the complete class for three months starting with your purchase date.

$5.00 a month

English Idioms:
101 - 200
6 Week

Access the complete class for 6 weeks.


English Idioms:
101 - 200
3 Month

* Access the complete class for three months starting with your purchase date.
Answer the practice questions. There are 100 total.
Send your answers as you have time.
Get written feedback on your
grammar and use of the idioms.

$32.50 a month

You can also take one-to-one classes online with skype.

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