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Advanced pronunciation and vocabulary study.
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The ProNounce the PreFixes Course

This course is designed as a follow-up to the 750 Business Words course. Please start with that course if you have never studied American English pronunciation.

After learning the sounds in the 750 Business Words course, use ProNounce the Prefixes for extended learning. Here are the main benefits:

1. Pronunciation is a physical act, and pronunciation sounds become habits. If you are pursuing excellent pronunciation, you will need to continue practicing!

2. In this course, sound patterns are directly related to spelling patterns in the prefixes.

3. Reviewing the meanings of prefixes will help you to understand new words and be able to pronounce them well.

4. This course also shifts in focus from listen-repeat reading to speaking answers to questions. You can increase your vocabulary and concentrate on speaking with good pronunciation.

5. If you are interested in sounding like a native speaker and mastering casual English, use the Contractions section in the introduction to improve your use of these important sound-variations.

6. Use the Phonetic Phrases section in the Introduction to review sounds at any time. Most people have a few habits that tend to come back, such as pronouncing long O most of the time, using a rolled R, or forgetting when T sounds like D in American English. Use this section to simply drill the sounds you need.

Enjoy your continued practice with American English pronunciation.

Pronounce the Prefixes