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500 Common Words: Syllable Stress

Syllable Stress Video

A syllable is a sound unit in a word or one beat. For instance, you can clap your hands one time when saying "June" and four times when saying "January." June has one syllable. January has four syllables.

Most of the common words have the stress on the 1st syllable. The words on the list below have the stress on the 2nd syllable. Remember that when you stress a sound, you also take stress away from the other parts of the word. For instance, "computer" sounds like "cumPYUdr." The stressed syllables are in capital letters. Read the list, then practice: Take our free online test. Click on "pronunciation video" to practice with the instructor.

About =
Before =
beeFOR or buFOR
Computer  =
Direct =
Perhaps =

Above =
Began =
beeGAN or buGAN
Contain =
Enough =
eeNUF or eNUF
Remember =
reeMEMbr or ruMEMbr

Again =
Begin =
beeGIN or buGIN
Correct =
Example =
egZAMpul (x sounds like "gz")
Together =

Ago =
Behind =
beeHIND or buHIND
Decide =
deeSIDE or duSIDE
Important =
imPORnt or imPORtunt

Until =
Among =
Between =
Deliver =
deeLIvr or duLIvr
Forgotten =
forGOn or frGOtun

Appear =
Develop =
deeVElup or duVElup
Machine =

* a small "t" at the end indicates a stopped T or small T sound.

* when E is the second letter and not stressed, it often reduces to the short "u" as in "up."

* "er," "ir" and "ur" have the same sound.

* "u" indicates the "u" sound as in "up." A long U as in "flute" is spelled as "oo."

*** Our new 750 Business Words Pronunciation Class has syllable stress and word stress in every lesson.

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