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English Grammar and Idioms

Study sentences here or try our new course called English Grammar: Speak the Verb Tenses. This conversational course shows you how and when to use each tense.

Verbs Verb Tenses Chart
Present Perfect Past Perfect Two Word Verbs Conditional
Modals Take Our Free Test: Verbs

Articles: A, An, The
The Basics
with ABC's
When Not to Use
When to Use
Reading Practice
Practice Take Our Free Test: A, An, The

Prepositions (to, in, on ...)
Phrases and Participles Describing Time Speaking of Days Describing Place with Verbs with Verbs 2 Take our Free Test: Prepositions

Adjectives, Adverbs
Appositives, Gerunds
That, Which, Who, Whom, If
Negatives, Questions
Take Our Free Test: Sentences

Speaking with Grammar

Past Tense 1

Past Tense 2
Past Tense 3
Using Would
Using Could
Present Perfect

Past Perfect
Present Progressive
Advanced Tenses 1 Advanced Tenses 2 Using Should

Idioms: English Expressions

Study more idioms with online courses: Casual English: Idioms 1 - 100 and Casual English: Idioms 101 - 200.

Kinds of Idioms

Common, Everyday Good for Business Colorful Idioms
Very Colorful Idioms with Videos Test: Idioms
Idioms: TV and Movies

Idioms 1 Idioms 2 Idioms 3 Idioms 4 Idioms 5 Test: Idioms
More Idioms:
TV and Movies

Idioms 5
Idioms 6
Idioms 7
Idioms 8
Idioms 9
Test coming soon!

Get further practice with How to Learn English Grammar and Pronunciation of THE.

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