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500 Words Extra Practice: T = a light D Sound

Practice with this paragraph in which many words have T's that become a light D. The American T becomes a light D when between vowel sounds (not just spellings, but sounds). Remember that R and L are half-vowels phonetically, so that a word like "quarter" or "bottle" fits the rule. The rule also works when T is the last letter and the next letter begins with a vowel. Review the T Rules with the 500 Words List.

All words in which T becomes a light D sound are in bold print.

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My daughter, Betty, was very pretty as a little girl. She is undoubtedly beautiful now. We live in the city of Seattle, but she will be attending a university in Minnesota. She plans to major in computer science. She does not have strong skills in mathematics, but I tell her that if you put in the work, you can always gain new abilities. She received her letter of acceptance six months ago, yet I am still getting used to the idea of her moving away. I am glad to notice how happy she is. Before she leaves, we will have a big party for her eighteenth birthday. The party will be on Saturday. We've invited several families, about thirty people total. Whatever happens with the weather, we will meet everyone at Waterfront Park. If it is sunny and warm, we'll wait in line for a ferry ride. If it's raining, we'll settle for the aquarium.

* note 1: in "undoubtedly" the B is silent, read "un-DOU-ded-ly."

* note 2: "attending" is a good example of the exception to this rule--T is not reduced when it is on the stress.