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Grammar and Idioms For Young People

Pronunciation Course for Young People

The 500 word lists on this site can be used for young people who will benefit from pronunciation work, both those from overseas and native-born Americans. If your child speaks softly, this can indicate uncertainty about the sounds of language. Uncertainty is not necessarily a sign that your child is not hearing/interpreting well. In fact, the truth may be the opposite.

American English is full of phonetic exceptions and reductions of sound during everyday use. These are distinct from the phonics rules taught in school. Phonics rules drill the basic sounds of language, not the reduced sounds used with unstressed syllables and small words. When people have strong social desires, they "go with the flow" of language and speak all the sound/spelling exceptions without being very conscious that they are doing this. A young person who takes things literally or who grows up in one town (and has less need to make new friends) may find that speaking out publicly creates confusion: does a person speak the word as it appears on the page or speak it the way other people do? When and why do the sounds of words change?

For these young people, a clear and consistent review of standard American pronunciation rules will help to improve self-confidence.

Contact us to inquire about classes or schedule a lesson to start classes soon.

K - 12 Tutoring for Young People

Speakmethod.com is a branch of I.E. Tutoring which provides tutoring to school age kids in all subjects from Kindergarten to 12th grade. We have multiple tutors on staff who specialize in different subject areas. We tutor in Seattle or online with Skype video. Standard subject areas are:

* elementary reading and math
* language arts for all ages
* intermediate math and science skills
* pre-algebra through calculus
* biology, chemistry, physics
* college level writing and public speaking

If you have moved here recently from another country, your kids may benefit from tutoring that includes ESL and/or accent work. This will help your child understand and communicate with new friends more easily.

For free reading exercises for early to advanced readers, see Seattle Reading Tutor.

For more information, visit the tutoring website: www.ietutoring.com.

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