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In one-to-one classes, students practice pronunciation and grammar at different levels and for many different reasons. Read the student comments on classes to see a few examples of what can be learned.

Student Comments on Classes

"I'm a software programmer. Everyone in my office is from another country, so I didn't take classes because of my job. I really wanted to know why Americans don't understand me sometimes. I have learned pronunciation rules, grammar and also some cultural background. I fixed my pronunciation for common things, like talking about sports. I have felt better since having some of my questions answered." --Nafiz, a Turkish student

"I took English pronunciation lessons for 3 months and my friends noticed the difference. A few people asked me what happened to my accent--then I knew I had improved."-- Alla, a Russian student

"I enjoy the pronunciation and grammar lessons. I like the advanced English speaking questions, since these have helped me to improve words and improve my grammar in a practical way. The questions are about basic things, like what I order at a cafe or how I might describe an interesting person to my friend, and I can use what I learn in my life." --Patricia, a Spanish student

"I was fluent in English, but I was not pronouncing R's all the time and my TH sound was not right. Not saying "the" correctly isn't good! I learned the correct way to say TH, and Erica pushed me with many different ways to practice so that I would speak TH sounds in conversations with people. My pronunciation is a lot better." -- Wang, a Chinese student

"I like taking the half hour classes on skype. I wanted to improve my speaking, but I am a university student and I am in class enough already! I meet once a week, find out which pronunciation sounds are not good, and I practice a lot with the website between my classes." --Lia, an Indonesian student

"I was already fluent in English, but I wanted to take that final step and pronounce the language perfectly. In private classes, I learned advanced rules of the American accent such as speaking vowel sounds in a full, relaxed way. It took some practice with the teacher, but in time, I was able to speak like someone born here. It's exciting to achieve that."--Ken, a Japanese student

"I practice business interview questions. We go through the questions one by one, and I receive corrections on major pronunciation points and the grammar of my speech. Work vocabulary will always be useful. Everything I learn is of value in my life."--Li, a Korean student

"I was tired of not being understood. I had bought English pronunciation books and worked my way through them. But I did not feel confident. In pronunciation classes, I learned what I was doing well and where I needed to improve. That helped so much. I also learned physical tips--how much to open the mouth for some sounds and how to pause to make stressed words more clear. Now I get complements on my speech." --Svetlana, a Russian Student

"I like to learn American idioms in my classes. I can speak English well, not perfectly. When we study idioms, I realize why I miss some things in movies or when Americans are talking. For example,I learned 'face the music' which means 'deal with a serious problem.' If I had heard someone say that, I would have started thinking of music. I know I can study with a book, but I like to ask the teacher when and why people say these things, if the idiom is popular and things like that." -- Takeshi, a Japanese student

"I took private classes to prepare for the TOEFL speaking test. I did not know if classes would work because my main problem was not being able to speak quickly in English. I learned how to introduce a topic and then go into detail. Actually, I was not speaking quickly because I was concentrating on speaking English words generally, not organizing them. So it was great--and I did pass the test."--Elicia, a Spanish student

"I failed the USMLE test in the area of English pronunciation. I took an English course online to go through the medical interview questions one by one and fix both my pronunciation and grammar. I had a very hard time with the R sound, but I did improve by doing exercises on the R sound everyday. Finally, I passed the exam!"--Hong, a Chinese student

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