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Beginning English

Practice beginner level stories. Click on "video" to hear the story. Answer questions to practice English.

ESL Stories for  Beginners

Intermediate English

Practice intermediate level English stories.

Practice TOEFL vocabulary with exercises.

Practice Grammar and Idioms with free online tests.

ESL Intermediate


Grammar, Idioms

Advanced English

Practice English with speaking questions and readings.

Practice Grammar and Idioms with free online tests.

English Pronunciation News: watch videos on current news and practice pronunciation.

ESL Advanced

Grammar, Idioms

English Pronunciation News

All Levels

500 Words Pronunciation: learn 500 common English words. Since these words have many exception-spellings, beginning to advanced speakers can learn here. Watch video lessons for each sound.

Learn by Language Pronunciation Courses: Courses use the 500 word lists, but include other pages, plus suggestions on how to study for each major language background: Arabic, Chinese, Spanish and more.

The 500 English Words: Learn Pronunciation

Learn by Language Pronunciation

English online with Speak Method: Use the many free pages from the website to practice your English. Click on "video" to hear the instructor reading the words or story. Use the free online tests to practice grammar. Enter your email to save the test in case you want to finish it later.

If studying by yourself is not enough, you can buy classes with the instructor. Read about the ways you can improve in private lessons: English course online.

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